Tips for the Perfect Perth Wedding Day

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    You spend years planning your wedding day, so when it finally arrives, you want to ensure you can enjoy every moment!

    Follow the below tips, to ensure you have the perfect Perth Wedding Day:


    The Night Before

    Have an early night and go easy on alcohol – you want to be fresh for the big day!

    Go over your vows – you are less nervous if you have rehearsed a few times.

    Drink plenty of water and stay hydrated.

    No beans, curry or other ‘windy’ foods tonight.


    An important note about sobriety

    You will be signing legal documents on your wedding day and your Celebrant must assess that you are not under the influence of any drugs or alcohol, to ensure you can legally give consent – please ensure you take it easy the night before/day of the ceremony to avoid disappointment – same for your two witnesses.


    On the Day

    Eat breakfast/stay hydrated / and go easy on the booze.

    Nominate a bridesmaid to have a mobile phone and let your Celebrant know when you are 5 minutes away.


    During the Ceremony

    Feeling Nervous? Big deep breaths! Remember everyone at the Ceremony knows and loves you.

    Feeling Faint? Big deep breaths, move your knees, wriggle your toes, shake your hands – anything to get your blood moving.

    Let your Celebrant know if you need to pause, grab a drink of water etc!


    Couple Tips

    Enjoy this moment – it will be over fast so just relax and enjoy!

    Look at each other when saying your vows.

    Place the ring to the knuckle while saying vows, pause for photos, then slowly and gently put the ring on the rest of the way (we will rehearse this!).

    Bride – sign all documents in your maiden name.


    Bridesmaids Tips

    Keep your bride relaxed / stress-free!

    Waterproof mascara, long-lasting lipstick.

    Nominate someone to give your handbags to when you arrive (ask your Celebrant to pass them on).

    High five, shake hands or cheek kiss the groom as you pass him down the aisle.

    Hold your bouquets in front of your belly button. Dry stems so no marks on the dress.

    As you begin the walk down the aisle: walk slowly (we will rehearse this!), chin up, shoulders back, smile!


    Groomsmen Tips

    Best man – know where the rings are at all times – confirm with the Celebrant you have the rings when you arrive.

    Carry a clean hanky/tissues for your Groom (tears, sweat etc).

    No hands in pockets – left hand over the right to see your watch.

    Pop your sunglasses inside your jacket during the ceremony (better for photos if we can see your pretty faces).

    Nothing bulky in your pockets like phones and wallets.


    Children & Pets

    Nominate an adult who can wrangle them / take them for a walk, if need be.


    After the Ceremony

    Nominate a responsible adult (usually one of your Mums) for your Celebrant to give your Presentation Marriage Certificate. Ask them to keep it in a safe place for you. This document cannot be replaced, so keep it safe!

    Sarah Green

    Sarah Green

    Sarah is a Perth Marriage Celebrant, helping all couples in love get married across Perth, Broome & South West WA. She is also an avid wine fan, visiting wine regions around the world.

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