Perth Marriage Celebrant Services

Find out a bit more about me, and how we can work together to create your perfect day!

Plan Your Special Day!

I will be with you every step of the way, to ensure your day is uniquely yours. I want to make sure you have a fun, stress-free day that suits you both.

So when should you choose your Marriage Celebrant? As soon as possible!

We can lodge the paperwork up to 18 months before (and no later than one month before!), so once you have a date, please contact me so we can start planning your big day!

Let's Make Sure We're the Perfect Fit!

No two Marriage Celebrants are the same - which is great! It means there is someone for everyone!

With so many fantastic Perth Marriage Celebrants on offer, make sure you take the time to choose the perfect one for you both.

I am all about creating a relaxed, fun vibe for my couples, to allow them to celebrate their love with friends and family. I always create personal ceremonies that a unique and reflect you both.

To get started, here's a little bit about YOU and ME:

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Who Are You?

  • You are a couple madly in love, looking to plan a kick-ass wedding ceremony, somewhere in Australia.
  • You are looking for a civil ceremony (not a religious one), so you need to choose from the wealth of awesome Civil Celebrants in Perth.
  • You want your wedding day to be personal for you both, to reflect who you are as a couple and as individuals, choosing to spend your life together.
  • You don’t want a “boring” wedding – you want a day to remember! It should be a nice balance of special, beautiful moments, laughter, and happy tears.
  • You don’t want anything too formal – you want it to be a nice relaxed day, full of love and laughter.
  • You want a Wedding Celebrant you can get along with, someone who truly 'gets you' and your vision.

Who Am I?

  • I love weddings and will likely have just as much fun as you on the day.
  • Let's do it your way – nothing is off-limits and I will happily marry anyone in love, without judgment, exactly how you want to do it.
  • I have a 15+ year career background in media and marketing, so I am highly organised and know how to write great content.
  • Huge fan of fur babies – even bigger fan of including them in your Ceremony!
  • I am a pro - I rehearse your Ceremony for weeks before, so I nail it for you and your guests on the day.
  • I am not super fancy – I am more a jeans and thongs girl than a Kardashian. Having said that I tailor my look on the day to seamlessly fit in with your theme and style.
  • I hate coriander, bananas, and pineapple on pizza – this probably isn’t relevant for your wedding day, but just thought you should know 😉

Getting Married - The Process

Here is a rough guide to how we will work together to create your Wedding Ceremony:

1. Let's catch up and get to know each other!

Initial meeting to get to know each other, wine, coffee, and puppies optional.

2. I'll handle the paperwork!

Complete the Notice of Intention to Marry paperwork.

3. Time to plan the ceremony!

I will send through your draft ceremony, which we will refine until you are 100% happy with everything.

4. Let's rehearse your special day!

Wedding Rehearsal (usually around a week before) - OMG it's getting real!!!

5. Wedding Day!

Get Hitched - woo!

6. I'll take care of the rest - enjoy your honeymoon!

I send off all documents to legally register your marriage, while you head off on your honeymoon.

Let's Chat

Have more questions about the process? Let's Chat! I am available by phone or email as much as you need me.

Want more info on the legals or packages available? Please visit the below: